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Do you work in marketing? Do you work in technology? Not any more. The future belongs to the marketing technologists.

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We’re in the middle of a third industrial revolution - the pace of change is accelerating every day. and out of the blue appear disruptive new startups, technologies, ideas. How do you make the most of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls?

The customer buys based on their experience, and it is a mixture of marketing and technology that today underpins this experience. The marketing technologists own the future.

But these skills are as rare as the mythical unicorn, so we aim to clarify what this means, and ways to adapt and learn.

We want to openly embrace this brave new world. Because one thing is for sure – it’s a world built on technology.

We are building a Membership of the most interesting people working in the fields of marketing and technology. This will build an in-depth resource pool of partners with whom Members can discuss issues and collaborate.

If you are a brand that wants to see the future, then we offer a free monthly “Mini-Hackathon” on a first-come first-serve basis. We curate diverse Members to come together in an open collaborative forum to “hack” problems you face, bringing fresh insights and ideas.

We also:

  • Publish regular posts on issues surrounding marketing technology on our blog.
  • Send a monthly newsletter of these articles, other interesting posts and insights
  • Curate a series of interviews of leaders in marketing technology
  • Hold Quarterly Insight events for brands and marketing professionals

Our mission is to help people understand how the convergence of marketing and technology can better build their brands.

We aim to attract the most interesting people and organisations that can contribute meaningfully to our mission. We’re a not for profit organisation.

Together we will collaboratively identify, discuss and debate the key issues of the brave new digital world. The results will be that we can truly understand the challenges, combined with the required approaches and skills. We will share our findings.

The Marketing Technology Association was established by a group of creatives, technologists, communicators, and designers.

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